Sunday, March 7, 2010


Boys and girls, if losing weight is your goal and achieving that goal does not bear with it innate motivation, try what I did: take yourself a set of 'before' pictures, from all four angles (front, back, facing left, facing right).

Then look at them.

I defy you to do this and NOT immediately move to some form of exercise. If you do not, then stop beating yourself up about wanting to lose weight, because if you need to lose weight and this doesn't send shock waves through you that boot your rear in gear, it is possible that nothing will. And why go through the mental torture of telling yourself you need to lose weight and not making any reasonable attempt? I've done that "If I were only smaller" and then continued to be a lazy ass with a goatish propensity for eating whatever was handy. Either tell yourself you want to lose weight--and do what needs to be done--or tell yourself you're a big guy/gal and have another egg roll.

Trust me when I say, there is a big difference in looking down at your lumpy figure (or even looking at yourself in the mirror) and seeing the effect this 360-degree-style view of yourself. Trust me...give it a shot.  And you don't even have to involve anyone--any decent camera has a timer on it--set it and get to snapping.  Then looking. Then exercising.

Maybe in a few months when I have my proud "after" pictures to share, I'll buck up and post those befores.  For now, your own set of befores will have to suffice.

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