Sunday, March 21, 2010


Goals for the week of March 22

Do the "Power 90" exercise DVD program at least 4 times this week (the program's goal is 6 days a week, but I know I'll have to work up to that!).
Walk at least two miles at least 4 times this week.

Drink at least the recommended 64 oz. of water each day (will probably require a checklist, not to check off, but to REMIND me to DRINK MORE WATER!).
Stick to the high fiber diet plan without exception for at least one full week.

March bills are all paid, gas tank is about half full, groceries abound, and I have about $100 left in the bank. The goal is to sit on that $100 and roll it into a savings account, to be acquired on payday, March 31.

Write for at least 30 minutes each day, whether it is a journal, this blog, working on my children's series (first one still being written), or another writing project.  This will generally lead me to more than just 30 minutes of writing.

Free Time:
I am doing better to spend free time reading (books--fiction and nonfiction--and magazines) and not brain rotting in front of the tube.  My goal is to not set a limit on hours of TV each day, but to not sit and watch TV for no reason either--if it is not a program I am really interested in, shut it off and grab a book.  Or work towards one of the above goals! :)

Weight Loss:
I would like to ultimately lose at least 50 lbs.  I remember the size I was when I graduated high school, which was 50 lbs. ago, and I would at least like to be that size, preferably smaller. But I want to hit that goal first then determine if a new goal is warranted, and what it will be. So to achieve the first 50, I'll go in chunks, 10 lbs. at a whack.  So my goal for the upcoming week: to lose 3 lbs.  I wish I had Harvey Walden to bark at me and keep me on track. :)

Back on track

I got off track, with most of my originally stated plans, but am geared up to get back on track now! I had my wisdom teeth taken out 10 days ago so that put me on a diet of "whatever smooshy food I can find and manage to eat" and it also required that money I would have used to pay off my first small debt go to the oral surgeon. But, I get paid on the 31st and my new budget is sitting ready and waiting to be put to good use.

I've also found a great basic diet plan, that really doesn't fall under what Americans are trained to think of as a "diet"--it's a healthy eating plan that is practically brainless. You don't count anything, you don't HAVE to leave anything out, you just drink boatloads of water, eat as much high fiber food as you can, and when you eat, have the high fiber stuff first.  If you do this, you'll be eating a lot of fruits and veggies (while following that old "put your fork down between every bite" rule...), and you will get full sooner on the good stuff, so you'll eat less (or none) of the bad stuff, and you'll begin to lose weight.

Add to this that I'm going to start getting up early to workout in the mornings, and try to walk 3-4 times a week, and I hope to be noticeably smaller...soon!!!

Early on, I think I said I would start posting goals and periodically update them, so I'm going to make that a separate post unto itself (which will land directly above this one, so you've probably already seen the first one!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Boys and girls, if losing weight is your goal and achieving that goal does not bear with it innate motivation, try what I did: take yourself a set of 'before' pictures, from all four angles (front, back, facing left, facing right).

Then look at them.

I defy you to do this and NOT immediately move to some form of exercise. If you do not, then stop beating yourself up about wanting to lose weight, because if you need to lose weight and this doesn't send shock waves through you that boot your rear in gear, it is possible that nothing will. And why go through the mental torture of telling yourself you need to lose weight and not making any reasonable attempt? I've done that "If I were only smaller" and then continued to be a lazy ass with a goatish propensity for eating whatever was handy. Either tell yourself you want to lose weight--and do what needs to be done--or tell yourself you're a big guy/gal and have another egg roll.

Trust me when I say, there is a big difference in looking down at your lumpy figure (or even looking at yourself in the mirror) and seeing the effect this 360-degree-style view of yourself. Trust me...give it a shot.  And you don't even have to involve anyone--any decent camera has a timer on it--set it and get to snapping.  Then looking. Then exercising.

Maybe in a few months when I have my proud "after" pictures to share, I'll buck up and post those befores.  For now, your own set of befores will have to suffice.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Last night, in continuing to take baby steps on this Life Diet plan o'mine, I sat down and made a tentative "snowball" budget... Pay off the smallest debt first, take what I'd been spending on that monthly payment + what I can afford to pay above and beyond my monthly bills and put it all on the next smallest debt, etc. until it's all a distant memory.  On paper, it would appear I can pay my credit cards off by November, my car off by August 2011, and from there my student loans in 5 years or less. And let's just say my student loans would buy a small village in Africa, bwahahahaha...

So there IS light at the end of the tunnel and it is NOT an oncoming train!!  I cannot fathom (A) being out of credit card debt this year, (B) having my car paid off in a little over a year [B.1.--having a car paid off and continuing to drive it], and (C) being c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y d-e-b-t f-r-e-e before I hit 40.

Sweet Lord...  One small kink in the works on getting that ball rolling is that I'm soon to have my wisdom teeth out and will have to hand over $200, so that could set my budget back a month, but still... In the grand scheme (considering I could have been nearing Point B now had I started this last year as originally planned...) what's one more month?

Oh, and my goal is to have $10,000 in the bank about the time the old student loans are paid off.  At least $10K, hopefully more.  Again:  Sweet Lord...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horn tootin'

There is my boss, and then there is her boss, who is THE BOSS.  Well, THE BOSS recently emailed me and suggested I write an article for a publication that is seeking submissions about how librarians are working with children and/or teens in their libraries, what programming is successful, how they approach collection development, how they integrate the two, etc.  I chewed on it for a bit and wrote her back and indicated to her that while I am proud of what I have accomplished (and detailed to her how it has happened), I cannot help but feel like by the nature of "this is the problem I inherited and this is how I have improved upon it," it would read as trying to one-up my predecessors. And my immediate predecessor happens to also be my immediate supervisor. See my problema?

But the response I got was just fabulous!  She told me she understood what my concerns were and that if I opted not to write the article she had originally prodded me towards doing, she understood, and told me in no uncertain terms (and several all capital-lettered words) that I am doing a great job, that I am exactly what the teens at my library need, and that she is thankful for all that I am doing!

It is great to have anyone pay you a compliment, to recognize your hard work, but when THE BOSS toots your horn, well...that makes for a loud toot!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby steps

Tonight at my 'brary we had a 'Financial Planning Workshop' with a guy who was trained through "Dave Ramsey's people" and some other money guru (whose name I recognized at the time but cannot recall now), so that's a good thing.  Truth be told, I did not really gain new knowledge, having read Dave Ramsey's book about a year ago, but it served as an impetus for me to take that knowledge and use it. So!  Bills are being paid and dealt with so that I can truly see what that leaves and begin a budget for the balance. Determine how much to save and how much to pay towards which chunk o'debt, etc. No earth shattering news, just another baby step in the process that is my "Life Diet."

Also, in regard to the moolah, as of the last several months, I've been tutoring a 5th grader two nights a week, an hour and a half each time. For various (and reasonable) reasons, she had to cancel several times last month. I should have met with her tonight, but at 5:15 I get a text that she is at her grandmother's in the next county and won't be here tonight. So tomorrow I'm going to talk with her mom and find out if maybe we should cut back to just one night a week, because (A) I don't want to reserve two nights a week if we only need one at this point, and (B) if we DO cut back to one night, I have three other kids waiting in the wings for tutoring that I can fill in around this adjusted schedule! So either way I won't be at a loss, but I need to get my schedule nailed down with her so I can go forward with these new recruits!

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