Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby steps

Tonight at my 'brary we had a 'Financial Planning Workshop' with a guy who was trained through "Dave Ramsey's people" and some other money guru (whose name I recognized at the time but cannot recall now), so that's a good thing.  Truth be told, I did not really gain new knowledge, having read Dave Ramsey's book about a year ago, but it served as an impetus for me to take that knowledge and use it. So!  Bills are being paid and dealt with so that I can truly see what that leaves and begin a budget for the balance. Determine how much to save and how much to pay towards which chunk o'debt, etc. No earth shattering news, just another baby step in the process that is my "Life Diet."

Also, in regard to the moolah, as of the last several months, I've been tutoring a 5th grader two nights a week, an hour and a half each time. For various (and reasonable) reasons, she had to cancel several times last month. I should have met with her tonight, but at 5:15 I get a text that she is at her grandmother's in the next county and won't be here tonight. So tomorrow I'm going to talk with her mom and find out if maybe we should cut back to just one night a week, because (A) I don't want to reserve two nights a week if we only need one at this point, and (B) if we DO cut back to one night, I have three other kids waiting in the wings for tutoring that I can fill in around this adjusted schedule! So either way I won't be at a loss, but I need to get my schedule nailed down with her so I can go forward with these new recruits!

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