Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The track

Sometimes you have to get off track to appreciate finding your way back to it, and making the effort to do a better job of staying on it.  Or at least that is what I choose to tell myself right now. Ha!

Didn't exactly stick to the ol' plan as previously detailed in this blog. Started out doing well, the eating and the exercising and all the rest.  Then I went home for a 3-day weekend and shot it all to hell.  But I'm climbing back up on the wagon.  Mostly.  Did not choose to avoid some candy offered me yesterday and today, though I *did* walk for at least 30 minutes yesterday and today! 

BUT! Drumroll please...I have written three chapters of my book, the working title of which is "The Making of Audrey Reid" so I do have a huge check in one of my "Goal" columns! WOOP WOOP!  So while this is not the checklist of accomplishments I intended, as with all things in life, making substantive change comes slowly, so rather than kick myself for not having made great strides (and, ahem, for not having updated this a week ago), I simply redirect myself back towards the path on which I had started out with the greatest intentions.  And actually, I did lose 3.5 lbs. that first week.  Then I screwed around and grazed a little too much (especially at home, eating out almost every meal) and FOUND those 3.5 lbs.  So I'll just have to work a little harder to lose them where they cannot be found this time!! :)

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  1. Hey lady! Just catching up on my blogroll and wanted to say hello and also, don't pretend to be busy and important. Instead, post frequently because I am fickle and my demands need to be coddled. I kept a blog many years ago (called aptly "Nothing to Declare") and was the worst to update. But lord help my favorite bloggers if they don't update frequently! Best of luck with the job hunt and the writing! Mwah!



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